SEPTEMBER 16—18, 2015 • HUDSON, NY



“A festival of pop, punk and so much else.”

- NY Times


“Basilica Soundscape is an upstate antidote for the major music festival complex.”

- Village Voice, 2015


“[Basilica SoundScape is] almost indescribable, with a you-had-to-be-there fervor. The avant-garde fest proved that a grassroots approach can consistently stun.”

- Newsweek, 2015


“A church of sound nurtures sonic communion at Basilica Soundscape. Basilica Hudson's annual 'Soundscape'
is the rare festival where the audiences are actually engaged, the artists are present and everybody wants to be there.

- The Observer, 2015


“We’re certainly long past the days when Canadian migrants used the Hudson River as an aquatic pathway to big city life and substandard maple syrup, but something tells me if Basilica Soundscape had been around in the late 19th century, travelers...would’ve temporarily given up their dreams of American density and stopped some three hours shy (five hours by horse and carriage).”

- Tiny Mix Tapes, 2015


“Precious, then, is the festival that prioritizes a coherent lineup over heavy hitters, breathing room over blockbuster sales, and artistry over stadium anthems. Basilica Soundscape, at upstate arts space Basilica Hudson, has been doing just that since 2011.”

- Village Voice

“Standing [at Basilica SoundScape] with people you may have just seen eating a hot dog from a local food vendor, or even perusing an antique furniture store in downtown Hudson earlier that day, it seemed like everyone was in this together, and it wouldn’t be that strange to lock eyes wide from the sheer spectacle with your neighbor.”

- SPIN, 2015